Phase Locked Precision Frequency Control!
– Wide Band Power Amplifier – NO TUNE!
– Full 4 Watts Output!
– Variable Power Controller
– BCD frequency select switches, no lookup table needed! – Out Of Lock Power Down!
– No Expensive Test Equipment Required!
– An Amazingly Low Price!
– 6 Pole RF Low Pass Filter fitted!

If you demand the best, it’s here! No frequency drift, rock solid power and the ultimate sound quality in one superb package. This is the NRG PLL PRO 4, now recognised as the leader in high power pll transmitter kits. Incorporating unique NRG circuit design, it delivers a stunning 4 watts of RF power to a correctly matched antenna. The frequency is selected from BCD switches eliminating the need for a lookup table as found in previous versions such as the pro 3. The output power is adjustable from 0 to 4 watts via an on-board variable controller. The PLL PRO 4 design uses wide-band power amplifier technology, this eliminates the need to tune up the transmitter to “peak the power”.The design is so stable that the RF power output will remain constant even at high ambient temperatures, there is no power slump with this transmitter! Just compare the massive 4 watts (4000mW)output to the inadequate 800mW flea power units from some of our competitors!

Also featured in the PLL PRO 4 design is an “Out Of Lock Power Down” circuit. This will automatically reduce the output power to zero so that frequency adjacent radio stations will NOT be affected. A clean start up every time is assured without any disturbance to other channels. Some inferior transmitter pll kits do not have out of lock power down. These are ILLEGAL to use. Don’t take a chance with low grade rubbish. Demand the best, demand NRG PLL-PRO IV !

The sound quality of the PLL-PRO 4 will match the most expensive exciters and walk over the rest! The audio frequency response is absolutely level and linear to provide only the highest transmitter FM modulation quality. This means that your listeners receive crystal clear sound and an excellent stereo performance when used with the NRG Pro III or Pro IV Stereo Coder. Optimum sound quality has always been high on our list, and the flagship pll transmitter kit from NRG delivers every time!

No expensive equipment is required to setup this product and every single component needed to get this product working is included in the package, including a very useful 50-ohm Dummy Load. As if this wasn’t enough… Just take a look at the amazingly low price of this product. NRG produce the 4 watt PLL PRO 4, and no-one else!

PLL PRO IV specifications:
– Type: VHF/FM PLL wideband modulation Frequency Coverage 87.0 to 110 MHz
– Frequency Generation: Self Excited Balanced Frequency Doubler
– Frequency Correction: Phase Locked Loop Synth.
– Amplifier stages: 2 stage wideband dual power – No Tune
– Frequency Stability: Plus/minus 1KHz (crystal controlled)
– RF power out: 0.1 watts  – 4 watts
– Harmonic Rejection: -50dB down (6 pole lpf)
– Spurious: -70dB down on carrier
– S/N ratio: -80dB down on line level
– Pre-emphasis: None, 50 uS, 75uS switchable
– Unlock power down: lock detect/overide jumper fitted
– Audio performance: Less than 0.2% distortion, 20Hz-75KHz
– PA stability: Stable through 20:1 swr, all phases
– PA ruggedness: 20:1 swr withstand at full power
– PA Efficiency: 80% At 4 Watts Output
– Polarity protection: Full crowbar fused power input
– Audio input: 0.775 V rms for +/- 75 KHz
– Power requirement: 13.8 Volt DC 1A nom

LED status indication:
– RF power
– DC Power
– O/L power down
– Freq. locked

User controls:
– Deviation set preset
– VCO centre lock trimmer
– Frequency adjust BCD switches
– Pre-emphasis EQ selector
– Power output variable controller
– O/L power down override selector

– 138 x 165 mm pcb
– RF socket SO239 standard female
– Audio input terminal
– Power input terminal, 1.m red/black twin cable