The Advanced Pro IV Stereo Coder from NRG
IS HERE…with 

Oversampled Audio for low distortionDigital Pilot Tone Synthesis
15KHz 6-pole Low Pass Filtering
Active Pre-emphasis—0/50/75 uS
Superb Spectral Purity
The Ultimate Stereo Separation
Ultra Low Noise Performance
Spectacular Low Price 

High Performance…Easy to Build…Low Cost

Designed for Performance: You have to hear it to believe it, the stereo sound reproduction is exceptional! This is our flagship Pro 4 series Professional Stereo Encoder kit which is designed for top performance at an affordable price. The Digital Oversampling technique is used for both the 19KHz pilot tone generation and Left/Right channel multiplexing. This gives all the low noise and headroom advantage of simple switching coders but without the need for elaborate filters, which degrade the stereo separation. The 19 kHz pilot Sine Wave purity is exceptional in this design, and the digital generation ensures correct and accurate phase relationship with the other multiplex components. In addition, a precision Crystal Oscillator ensures long term stability and calibration. A Dual Rail Power Supply is used on this design which enables the high grade IC circuitry to work at it’s very best with NO compromise. Very high quality Low Noise Op-Amps are used for the audio circuits to achieve better than -70dB S/N ratio.

Features: The Pro 4 Stereo Coder is equipped with selectable Active Pre-emphasis which means the unit is suitable for use anywhere in the world, without having to change components! The choice is 50us for UK and Europe, 75uS for USA and Canada, or no pre-emphasis at all. Left and Right input Gain Controlsmake the unit compatible with a wide range of signal sources. Dual Brick Wall 15 KHz Low Pass Filters are incorporated to make certain that annoying ‘aliasing’ products (troublesome with CD sources) are completely eliminated. This enables the transmission of the full audio frequency range right up to 15KHz and the excellent sound quality reflects this very important feature. PCB Connectors are provided for Input, Output, and 12V power in, making set-up a very simple task!

Easy Construction: This superb product comes complete with a top quality fibreglass PCB and all the components to enable you to construct a professional Stereo Coder you will be proud of! Comprehensive instructions are provided with schematics and pictures to assist the constructor. The layout of the PCB makes this kit a dream to construct! The unit is also available assembled and tested, if you are in a hurry!

Technical Specifications: Please click here to see the high performance specs of the NRG Pro IV Stereo Coder, which make it the perfect companion for our acclaimed PLL-PRO III 4-watt exciter kit!

Amazingly Low Price: This Oversampling High Performance Stereo Coder is affordable to everyone. NRG, and no-one else, offer this superb design at an incredibly low price. It’s unbelievable, but true! Products costing much more cannot beat the high performance of the Pro 4 Stereo Coder. Why pay more, NRG offers you the best for less!